Rainbow Pet Hospital

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Rainbow Orphans

Constance & Ester WOOHOO!!! We Have New Digs!!!

Sisters searching for position as security guards; will attack and destroy any bugs that stumble into our path to keep you and your family safe. Not afraid of spiders, beetles, or things with wings!

A little more about us, we were recently sent to RPH to train and hone our mighty protector skills. We have spent an extensive amount of time chasing feathers, stuffed mice, & balls to further increase our skill set. While we are young, born March 2017, we are quick learners and eager to start our new positions protecting you. We are willing to separate and can go to separate houses. We are both up to date on our booster vaccinations and on monthly flea/heartworm prevention.

We are asking for a starting bonus of $60.00 per security guard. This will help to cover the cost of our elite training at RPH and will send us to our new position with a bag of food and heartworm preventative.

Simon and Garfunkel  It Took Us Over A Year, But We Have A New Home!!!

Brothers seek employment as bed-warmers.  Will keep bed warm throughout day in return for daily payment of crunchies and water, with the occasional treat bonus. Prefer to work as a team but willing to cover additional beds/surfaces on a rotating shift basis.

A little more about us, we have been working together as a team 11 years now. We previously had a long term position that we did very well at, however that position had to move and we were not able to go with. They were kind enough to find us a new position with Grandma inc, however our new boss was very allergic to us. We found temporary employment with the clinic, but they do not have the required beds and sofas that we would like to expand our expertise. We are both neutered males, up to date on all our shots and currently on monthly flea/heartworm prevention.

We require a discounted $127.50 sign on bonus for the both of us, which will help to ease the transition phase into our new position with a bag of our food and a 12 month supply of Heartgard.

Simon and Garfunkel have been with us for over a year! Please help us find them a good home. Tell all your friends and family! 


Operatic singer seeks permanent gig, prepared to give performances at any time, will require board and lodging, Breakfast and dinner time performances are a specialty. Prefer to be a solo act but will consider other duet partners.

A little of my background, I was discovered in a pile of rocks outside of my current gig at the clinic. It was my beatific singing voice that caught the attention of the clinic staff and they were kind enough to bring me inside to perform. Their reviews of my performance have all been very good. They describe me as playful, adventurous, and very good at cuddling. They have even recommended that I expand performance to include a comedy segment as I am quite entertaining to watch play. I am a spayed female, born around August 2016, up to date on all my shots and currently on monthly flea/heartworm prevention.

I will require an $85.00 booking fee, but will come with my own bag of food and 6 months of Heartgard, my heartworm preventative.


Tobias - I HAVE A NEW HOME!!!

Gourmet seeks position as chief food taster. Excellent taste in chicken, tuna, and other fine seafoods. Connoisseur of cream. Will indicate quality of all foods tasted with loud purring.

More about me, I was recently left without employment when my former bosses separated, leaving me with a boss who did not have the time to truly appreciate my refined palette. Knowing that my talents shouldn’t go to waste however, he brought me to the kind people at Rainbow Pet Hospital who have allowed me to pursue my passion with delicious meals every day. Like any true food artist, I am a bit shy and quiet at first, but once you have wowed me with delectable treats I open up and am very sweet and loving. I am a 2 yr old neutered male, up to date on all of my shots and currently on monthly flea/heartworm prevention.

I require an $85.00 retaining fee, but for this fee I will come to your establishment with my own bag of food, for the first several tastings and a 6 month supply of Heartgard.

Moki  - WOOHOO!!! I Found A Home!!!

Trouble getting up in the morning? Enthusiastic feline alarm clock seeks position after previous job fell through. Punctual seven days/week. Seeking chicken and salmon salary. Preferably no canine coworkers.

A little about myself, I was born at Rainbow Pet Hospital June 2016. My mom and sisters all found homes but I just haven’t found “the one” yet. I was employed for a short while with a kind family, but the environment wasn’t the best for me and the dogs bullied me. I am very playful and enjoy reaching out to the other orphans and tempting them to play with me. My coworkers here say I am pretty good at cuddling and that I am a very sweet girl. I am a spayed female, up to date on all my shots and currently on monthly flea/heartworm prevention. 

I will require an $85.00 sign on bonus, but this will also allow me to enter my new position with you with a bag of my favorite food and 6 month supply of Heartgard, my heartworm prevention treats.